Make A Donation

Black Lives Matter

  • Provides help for families who lost loved ones due to racism and police brutality

  • Provides help for protesters

  • Provides class held teachings of African American History 

  • Provides help for business loans to black owned businesses

Every Little Bit Counts

Provides immediate relief and support for those in need.

Bail Fund

  • Provides bail for the incarcerated.

  • Provides bail for protesters

  • Provides help towards any fees due for courts.

  • Provides essential items to individuals.

  • Provides food and clothing.

  • Provides safe shelter.


  • Provides essential items for individuals in quarantined.

  • Provides food and clothing.

  • Provides masks and gloves to individuals.

  • Provides over the counter medications.

Help With Bills

Provides immediate help towards bills.

Medical Expenses

Provides help with medical bills.

Homeless Shelters

  • Provides food and clothing.

  • Provides essential items to individuals.

  • Provides transportation help.

  • Provides help with job placements.


  • Provides bus passes.

  • Provides uber/lyft services.

  • Provides cars.

  • Provides plane ticket.


  • Provides essential items for struggling families.

  • Provides food and clothing.

  • Provides toys for children

  • Provides transportation help.

Feed The Kids

Provides food for children that rely on school meals.

Pregnancy - New Moms

  • Provides food and maternity clothing.

  • Provides Diapers.

  • Provides Formula.

  • Provides carseat and stroller.

  • Provides Breast pump.

  • Provides baby clothing.

  • Provides safe shelter.


  • Provides rent assistence.

  • Provides ultilities assistence.

  • Provides help with low income/based income hosuing.

  • Provides help with funiture.


  • Provides school supplies for children.

  • Provides materials needed for college students.

  • Provides grants and loans to help further higher education.

  • Provides scholarships towards students future.

  • Provides workbooks for schools.

  • Provides computers/tablets for students.


  • Provides job training centers.

  • Provides support groups.

  • Provides violence and gang prevention.

  • Provides tutoring and study skills training.

  • Provides couseling.


  • Provides help with medications.

  • Provides help for medical bills.

  • Provides support services.

Mental Health

  • Provides help with mediciation.

  • Provides therapy sessions.

  • Provides rehabilitions.

Domestic Violence

  • Provides safety for individuals, families, and children.

  • Provides medical care if needed.

  • Provides safe shelter.

  • Provides therapy and support services.

Natural Disaster

  • Provides safe shelter.

  • Provides help with bills.

  • Provides essential items.

  • Provides food and clothing.

  • Provides new items that were loss die to diaster.

  • Provides transportation help.

Community Development

  • Provides community engagement.

  • Provides women self-help group.

  • Provides community capacity building.

  • Provides social capital formation.

  • Provides nonviolent direct action.

  • Provides faith based community development.

  • Provides community organizing.

Help The Animals

Provides Food and Safe Environment for Animals

Mobile Hero

Sends Doctors, Nurses, and First Responders to communities.

Hospitals and Clinics

Provides mask, ventilators, and life saving medical supplies